Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Assignment 3 - Animated Logo

Now, with the next the syllabus. I want a 10 - 15 (not 20) second animated logo. I don't want something simple for this. Find a few intros and get some ideas. Here is some good reference.

Also, look up the intro to your favorite shows. I want something more like the revolution or once upon a time intros, not the lost intro. For Tuesday, have some links to some example logos you want to base your logo animation after. The Style Frames are due on the 15th so you have a little time to really hone in an idea for this one. Please use this time wisely to brainstorm a great idea.  I will not be In class Thursday (the 3rd) or Tuesday (the 8th). I will give you a tutorial on tuesday that I want you to watch in place of class that will go over the specifics of what is required for the Style Frames. Please treat these like lab days and really make this logo stand by itself in coolness!

Revolution Intro... from 0:29 - 0:35

Once upon a time intro...

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